The Museum of the Middle Pomerania in Słupsk

The Museum of Central Pomerania in Słupsk is situated in a complex of buildings located in the city’s centre. It includes several picturesque objects on both sides of the Słupia river:

The first museum in Słupsk started functioning in 1924. The heritage left behind by the Germans – over 600 objects from pre-war Heimatmuseum – was salvaged by Polish museum employees, and presented at the same place as before, the New Gate, which was opened in 1948. Nowadays, the Museum gathers various and opulent collections: objects related to the history of Pomerania, historical and contemporary arts, historical crafts, memorabilia related to the last residents of the castle – the Gryfitas dynasty, numismatics and ethnographical objects. Moreover, within its special collections you can find antique books, cartography and archival materials.
Out pride and joy is world’s biggest collection of works by Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz – Witkacy.