The Museum of the Pomeranian Folk Culture in Swołowo

Swołowo is one of the best preserved villages in Pomerania. Its medieval oval plan remained unchanged until today. Swołowo is a fine example of the framework architecture, which is typical for the region. The unique architectural and spatial features of the village are the reason why it is called ʽthe capitol of the Checkered Houses Land’.

The Museum of the Folk Culture of Pomerania in Swołowo consists of 15 revitalized rural buildings, dispersed in three points of village, among still inhabited dwellings. The Albrecht’s Croft is ana example of the traditional qudrangular abode of a rich peasant. It is vibrant with life and filled with the voices of the life-stock: horses, Pomeranian ships and geese.

Inside the buildings situated in the southern part of the village, you can see the multimedia exhibitions dedicated to the rural culture of Pomerania.